Price Range: from ₹ 200.00 to ₹ 2,500,000.00
Size Range: from 10 SqFt to 1,000 SqFt
Other Features


How To Choose A Home Builder

Embarking on constructing your dream domestic is an exhilarating endeavor full of limitless possibilities. Your domestic isn’t always simply a shape; it is a sanctuary where you will create loved reminiscences, discover shelter from the sector, and watch your desires spread. Central to this journey is selecting the right domestic builder – a partner who […]

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Will Kolkata’s Home Prices Rise or Fall in 2024

Welcome to the vibrant town of Kolkata, where the antique-global allure colonial architecture intertwines seamlessly with the bustling electricity of modern development. As we embark 2024, the spotlight shines brightly on Kolkata’s actual property marketplace, inviting speculation and anticipation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the difficult tapestry of Kolkata’s actual estate landscape. Thus […]

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7 emerging trends in the housing market

After the era of the pandemic, led by COVID-19, during which the world experienced an unexpected shutdown. Thus for an extended period, and the growth was nearly zero, real estate consultant developers and investors have realized that the possibility of people returning to offices is questionable. Business owners and employees have realized that they can […]

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5 Ways To Save Money While Moving

When you decide to change houses, it can be a very exciting venture: a new dream, a new life. However, it comes with a very heavy cost. That’s why you must step back and plan to save some money while shifting to your new real estate. Thus, the best real estate consultants have your back […]

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Tips for Renters

Tips for Renters Embarking on the thrilling adventure of renting flats in rajarhat is akin to navigating uncharted waters – full of the promise of discovery and the capacity for challenges. As you step into the world of renting, don’t forget our tips for renters which will be your personalised map, main you through precise […]

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8 Advice for First-Time Homebuyers

8 Advice for First-Time Homebuyers Your first home holds a special place in your heart, thus you must invest your energy in finding the real estate for yourself. Thus New Way Real Estate, have brought to you 8 advice for first-time homebuyers, which will certainly make sure that you get a heavenly experience in navigating […]

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